Baby # 2 !

baby 2

Little Mr is excited to be a big brother! 


I did not think I could love more than I already do but magically, my heart grew big enough for two.

Super Mom


Feeling a little like Super Mom the last couple of weeks. I cannot believe I am now to the point where I can actually manage to get things done that do not have to do with the baby. My little guy is a month old now and it seems like a few days ago I was a walking zombie that could not even manage to go to the bathroom without some sort of help.  While I still do not get to pee as much as I would like, it is nice to have little moments to do other things for my own sanity. I never thought I would be happy to do the dishes. Sure, I could still use the million hours of sleep I must have lost and the new mom bags under my eyes prove that but you have to pick your battles.

I guess it gets easier as time goes on, you live and you learn like everything else in life. Every moment is worth it though. I might not be super productive or productive at all in a day but my life has never been more fulfilled.

Perfect Chaos


My son, Noah, and I

My son, Noah, and I

My entire pregnancy I spent my time preparing in any way that I could. Making a birth plan is an important way lots of soon to be moms spend their time preparing, I was no different. I intended on having a natural, medication free, with the least possible amount of medical interventions birthing experience.  As usual, nothing went as planned and shit hit the fan even before my day came. What I ended up with was being pumped full of drugs and using quite a few interventions.  That is one thing I have learned in my three short weeks being a Mom. Actually, it is probably the first thing I learned in my new role; nothing goes as planned. You know what? It sucks. I am the kind of person that needs control of situations and that definitely does not happen in my life any longer.  I would not change it for the world though.

As I type this I am sitting here looking over at my beautiful three week old son who is currently napping in his swing. He is perfect and I have never been more happy than at this point. This little guy is pure chaos in my life but it is just so right. Being a Mom is crazy and we are crazy to go through everything we do to be parents.  I totally get it now though, these moments are so precious and are gone entirely too fast. I intend to enjoy every single moment of chaos, as hard as it might be sometimes.