The Long Awaited Pregnancy Update

                         9 weeks vs 29 weeks

I think it is about time I do a pregnancy update here, no? Today we hit 36 weeks! Or rather 36 weeks hit me.

I am very large, very pregnant, and very tired.

Since I was a bigger girl before I got pregnant my doctor and the dietician both said I should be looking at gaining only about 10 lbs. I have gained about 5 so far but I am getting quite large. Clothing has been an issue for a while, I got that pretty much sorted out thanks to some borrowed clothes but now those hardly fit. Not quite sure what I am going to do, you all might have to put up with me walking around with nothing on at this point.

                               35 weeks

This whole pregnancy has felt like a life time. It has just dragged on up until recently. Now, I am in panic mode. I am so close to being done and this little one will be here before I know it.  Really though, 37 weeks is term and that is in a week. I can also officially say I am due this month! I am really excited to hold our new little love but I, regardless of all the pains and issues, like being pregnant. I love the kicks and movement and everything that comes with all of that. I miss it when it is gone and it will soon be gone. Plus, I am getting anxious about labour and birth again now that it is in sight.

No help to some of my own issues (which I will talk about once I find the way I want to get this out) and my low iron I am incredibly tired. I have been exhausted the whole pregnancy but I am to the point where it is hard to do anything. Not only that but I am not sleeping much despite being so tired. I have trouble being able to fall asleep or staying asleep. It is difficult to get comfortable in general but sleeping only on your sides is very painful; things no one tells you about pregnancy, eh?

The last few months has been hectic for us as well. On top of the holidays and our son’s third birthday I have had a couple of problems. At 25 weeks, I ended up in labour and delivery triage to be checked out for contractions a few minutes apart. They checked everything out and were not concerned since the same thing happened with our first but I still carried him to full term (40 weeks). I also got to register for the hospital that week which was exciting to do again.

A few weeks later I did the glucose test which I passed, obviously great news! Let’s face it we all know I would not do well on a restricted diet. I need my junk and carbs, sometimes it is all I can live on these days. I was picky before I got pregnant but this pregnancy food aversions, heart burn, and nausea have been around the entire time. With my first I did not have any issues surrounding food or eating.

At about 28 weeks, my doctor sent me for an ultrasound to do a biophysical profile on baby because I had not been feeling as much movement. They also checked cervical length and his growth to make sure everything was looking good. I was still getting some contractions but mostly just dealing with a lot of cramping and losing some mucus plug. Everything came back fine with that ultrasound.

At about 30 or almost 31 weeks, I ended up being sent to Labour and Delivery Triage again but this time by my doctor from his office. I had been having some spotting, cramping, and losing a lot of plug along with baby not being very active again. He sent me in for them to monitor me and baby, do an ultrasound, a cervical check, and a fetal fibronectin test that would tell them if I was going in to preterm labour.

Ultrasound looked good, everything they monitored was great, they could not find a reason for the bleeding, I am about a cm dilated, and the test came back negative for pre-term labour.

A week or so later the spotting started again and I was losing large pieces of plug. My doctor was not concerned and he says it is normal to be dilate a bit at that point with subsequent pregnancies.

Everything is looking good regardless of those few hiccups. This pregnancy (although still faced with issues like the subchorionic hematoma well into the second trimester) has gone a lot more smoothly than my first. I am thankful for that.  The only thing I need to double check now is that the placenta is away from the cervix enough for a safe vaginal delivery since it was slightly too close to it a little while ago. Aside from that it is just the waiting game for labour to start from now.

Little Mr is excited about baby and often tells me that he loves this little one. It is quite sweet. I cannot wait to see them together.

          Big brother checking out the bump

I think this was a good brief overview of what has been going on lately. I will also update on the YouTube channel in the next couple days. For now, I just wanted to let you all know I am still pregnant, 36 weeks to be exact and I am still here just struggling to be as present as I would like and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest tiny human to the family.

10 Things I Learned while Potty Training my Toddler


potty training watermark

Potty training my son has been quite the journey and is, unfortunately, not over yet. I have learned quite a bit from the experience though and I thought it might help some of you mentally prepare…

  1. Shit, shit everywhere
  2. I didn’t realize how much a little body could hold. Seriously, how does a two-year-old pee enough to fill a small pool?
  3. Not only will there be shit everywhere but it is apparently fun to play in it, just ask my potty training toddler
  4. Potty Training children can be spiteful – Even though he knows how and likes to use the potty he will only use it if he is in the mood. I think it’s a conspiracy, he’s out to get me
  5. Potty training diapers are needlessly expensive. I don’t understand how they are so much more expensive than regular diapers which are already priced too damn high for something the kids soil
  6. Did I mention the shit? I would much rather change a diaper than clean it out of toys and off the floor
  7. Consistency is key… and I suck at it
  8. You need to be mentally prepared
  9. You are going to spend most of your day in the bathroom. They go a lot, you will need to go, and sometimes they just like to sit on the toilet for no reason. They will want you to sit on the edge of the tub beside them while they do all of this. You might as well set your life up in there and have your meals delivered
  10. One day they will be wiping their own butts and wanting privacy… and you will miss all of it



Good Luck,


Apparently a Mom



The Honest Truth

The first time I held my son

The first time I held my son

While I was in labour I kept asking my nurse why women have more than one child. I could not understand why anyone would go through that a second time. In those moments I was not even sure why I was putting myself through it. She thought it was funny and laughed at me, I guess she knew the answer, she had been in my position before. I didn’t appreciate her laugh then but I understand it now, she smiled but her eyes knew, and she said nothing because I was about to know.

Have you ever been told, “you will forget all about the pain” when someone is referring to childbirth? I think it is everyones favourite thing to say. Honestly, it is bullshit. Who do these women think they are fooling? You never forget and it is horrible. We need to invent something to stop people from saying this. It really gets on my nerves. Maybe I am the odd one out but I would rather have someone tell me like it really is. I felt like there was so much I had to discover for myself with the birth of my son that a little honest warning would have been more appreciated. The fluffy whimsical fairy tales people like to tell about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood isn’t helpful.

I will never forget the pain that came with the birth of my son, I will never forget what it took to bring him in to this world. I do not even know how I made it through that thinking back on it. Would I do it again? In a heart beat. The moment he was out the pain eased and all I could concentrate on was knowing if my child was okay, that I wanted to see and hold him finally. That my friend, is the honest truth. You don’t forget, it just doesn’t matter any longer.