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About the Blog

Apparently a Mom was started by a young expecting Mother in 2013. The blog was created in hopes of connecting parents in a community that celebrates the sweet moments to the trying ones with everything in between. Parenting is scary and there is often never a clear answer how to go about it, this blog is a first time Mom’s way of figuring that out. Enjoy the posts, fun, reviews, rants, and contests this page will have to offer!

About the Author

Letitia Pfinder is a contemporary artist, freelance writer and blogger living and working in Toronto, ON.   Letitia studied at Centennial College in the Fine Art Studio program where she worked in a large variety of media  that included painting, drawing, and sculpting.  Letitia also has a background in the field of social work which she  attained from Centennial College, her experience within this field plays a large influence in her creative life.  More recently Letitia has taken on the role of “Mom”.

Please note that all the artwork found on Apparently a Mom (unless otherwise stated) is original work by Letitia Pfinder and it may not be used, reproduced, or copied without the written consent of the artist.

Contact Information

E-mail: apparentlyamom@gmail.com

Links out

Artist’s Website: letitiapfinder.com



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  1. Hi Letitia,
    I’ve been perusing your lovely blog and wanted to say congratulations, I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! The Liebster Award is a fun way to recognize some of the awesome posts fellow bloggers (like you) are publishing. The award comes with a tradition of sharing a few things about yourself and spreading the love to other bloggers. You can check out what was passed onto me here:

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