Parenting Resolutions

This was not my first New year as a parent but I spent my first one in a bit of a haze. My son was only a few days old and we were all having a rough time. That happened to also be the night we ended up in the emergency room to find out that we were having some serious trouble with feeding. Clearly, resolutions were the farthest thing from my mind.

This year I was able to actually focus and feel as though I could work towards some goals. I have a long list of them this year. I wrote them out in my 2015 Smashbook so that I could keep track and document my progress, I thought it would be a great way to stay focused. Once I had finished writing out my list I noticed that I had naturally added in goals for parenting. I have never heard of people making these kinds of resolutions; maybe they do not share them or maybe I am just too new or not privy to this whole parenting thing to have realized. Either way it is an awesome choice to consciously make goals in regard to how you parent. If you have children that are old enough to actually have a conversation with them then I would go ahead and ask them what it is you can do better and what they would like to see you do.

My list included some educational and bonding activities such as reading together everyday, spending an evening a week doing a family activity, and working on numbers, letters, colours each day. We have been doing well with the reading and my son got a lot of new books for Christmas and his birthday to help with that. We just started introducing the alphabet by singing “ABC’s”.

Oh look! There is also a YouTube  video. Check it out to find out my tips on how to achieve your goals as well as parenting resolutions!


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